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A little bit of background:

I’m Dawn Farrington and I moved to Pickering in 2023, having lived in Bridgnorth over 40 years.

For as long as I can remember I’ve tried all sorts of different crafts; Macramé, Spinning, Cake decorating, Bobbin lace making, Crochet, Knitting, Tatting, Candle making, Embroidery, Quilting ……… Having said that, I came to jewellery making via cake decorating. A friend asked me to go with her to night school and one of the skills I learned was making sugar flowers. A little while later I came across Silver Clay and a lot of the techniques involved in my sugar work transferred well to this.


Having worked with Silver Clay I expanded to gemstone jewellery and that led to even more new techniques. Things then went full circle and  I revisited Macramé. That led me to start Kumihimo braiding (a Japanese style of braiding). I have tried all sorts of materials from the normal rattail silks through to horse hair and chain – I figure if it bends it braids! These experiments with horse hair resulted in me starting to make pieces for friends and family and so 'Hold Your Horse' was born.

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What do I do at Hold Your Horse?
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Originally my pieces were all made using horse hair, which I braided using the art of Kumihimo, but I have gradually expanded. My current range now includes pieces which are set with jewellery grade resin. This enables me to produce jewellery and keepsakes holding shorter hair (such as dog or cat), or ashes. All are worked with Sterling Silver, unless a customer prefers something else.


Do I make everything myself?

I make all of the braids and all of the bespoke silversmithing myself. I do source some of the components from other UK suppliers as appropriate.


I am continually expanding my silversmithing skills and I am a Member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers (click on the logo on the page footer to visit my directory entry).


Do take a look at 'Gallery' for some examples of my work.

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About HYH
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