Share some 'Tales of tails'

.... they don't have to relate to tails!

"Zwin was my 17 year old Hispano -Arab cross.  As you can see, he was a beautiful boy! I fell in love with him on a riding holiday in Spain, and bought him in April this year (2018). He  loved galloping along the beach and along firebreaks, and was such a placid, good natured horse. Nothing phased or bothered him. Unfortunately, due to an injury, I had to say goodbye to him on July 12th....So I didn't get to bring him back to the UK as I had planned.He will always be my best and special boy!" - Caroline


Jack - a very handsome 9 year old Shire who now has less tail than he used to .....


Samantha now has a necklace.


Ben was our dog and loved the water. When I started making resin pieces last year I made a pair of cufflinks (woof links) for my husband using hair from Scooby (our staffie). He liked them but said he wished we had some hair from Ben to use (we lost him a few years ago). A while later we moved a picture of Ben from one room to another and found a little packet of his hair which we’d taped to the back of it. We’d both forgotten that it was there. I went on to make a second pair of ‘woof links’.


Kea is my 16.2h 'pony', my chestnut mare. I bought her when she was 5 in June 2000 and she has been, and still is, my inspiration, and my guinea pig, for a lot of my creations.