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Share some 'Tales of tails'

.... they don't have to relate to tails!

"Zwin was my 17 year old Hispano -Arab cross.  As you can see, he was a beautiful boy! I fell in love with him on a riding holiday in Spain, and bought him in April this year (2018). He  loved galloping along the beach and along firebreaks, and was such a placid, good natured horse. Nothing phased or bothered him. Unfortunately, due to an injury, I had to say goodbye to him on July 12th....So I didn't get to bring him back to the UK as I had planned.He will always be my best and special boy!" - Caroline


Jack - a very handsome 9 year old Shire who now has less tail than he used to .....


Samantha now has a necklace.

Bendog & Scooby