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Hold Your Horse

....something completely different

What can I make for you?

At Hold Your Horse every piece is as unique as the memory that it holds.

You send me the hair, ashes (even teeth) from you horse or pet and I make something that you can keep with you.

People have all sorts of reasons for wanting something special making, these are just a few:​​

  • For a daughter who was emigrating and her horse and dog would be staying here with her Mum

  • For a lady using her husband's hair - he ordered the bracelet because she liked my jewellery and they hadn't got a pet

  • I've set ashes is a ring to let a granddaughter keep a little bit of her grandfather with her

  • a picture frame using the hair from a mare to hold a picture of her and her new foal once he arrived

  • things to celebrate an achievement at an event, a birthday, Christmas

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